1687 Marlboro Road
Stephens City, Virginia
(540) 869-9567
Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you allow dogs at the winery?
A.  We love dogs.  In fact, we all have dogs of our own.  However, we do not allow dogs inside the manor house.  Dogs are welcome outside and on a leash.

Q.  Are children allowed at the winery?
A.  Valerie Hill Vineyard & Winery is a destination that caters to adults for the tasting and enjoyment of wine.  While we currently allow children on our property, all children under the age of 12 must remain with a parent at all times.  Select areas of the property, including our tasting room porch and patio, are designated as adults only areas.  In addition, select events held on our lawn will be designated as adults only.

Q.  Do you allow smoking on your property.
A.  Smoking is allowed on grassy areas away from designated seating areas.

Q.  Do I need a reservation?
A.  We do not require reservations, but groups of 8 or more should call ahead to advise us of your arrival and to ensure that your tasting will not be delayed due to another large group.

Q.  Do you allow outside food and beverages?
A.  Guests are welcome to bring food items or picnics to Valerie Hill, but we also have a lite fare menu daily and seasonal food specials on weekends.  Our goal is for you to enjoy our wine!  Alcoholic beverages not purchased at Valerie Hill are prohibited on our property in accordance with Virginia ABC laws.

Q.  Are your logo glasses included in your tasting fee?
A.  Logo glasses are not included in the tasting fee but can be purchased for a nominal charge.

Q.  Do you host special events?
A.  Yes!  Depending on the type of event, date and time, and number of guests, Valerie Hill can host a variety of special events.  Contact us for more specific information.

Q.  Can we reserve seating for our visit.
‚ÄčA.  All seating, both inside and out, is offered on a first come, first served basis.